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GINNY HOGAN – NEW! 07/30/14

It has been a little over two years since I joined CFTBL, and I can honestly say I have grown more as an athlete than at any other time in my training. I’ve had personal trainers before, but the coaches at CFTBL have taught me skills, techniques, and workout protocols that are far more functional and challenging than what one learns in typical gyms. Every day I walk into the box I am faced with a new challenge; I feel a sense of nervousness, excitement, fear, and gratification with each WOD. Crazy as it may sound to a newcomer, those emotions become an addiction that needs to be fed. Hence, we return for more day after day. 

Another feature of CrossFit that keeps me coming back for more is the camaraderie of like-minded individuals who give and take support, no matter what the level of strength and athleticism. You don’t have to be age 20 or 30 to be accepted here. At age 64, I work out along with the “big guys” at my own pace and weight level, work my butt off, and do not feel threatened or scorned. Would I like to lift more weight and with the finesse they demonstrate? Sure! But I’m OK as long as I try really hard and push myself appropriately. 

The coaches at CFTBL have been outstanding, in my opinion. I’m familiar with what makes a good coach, as I also teach group fitness classes. Knowledge, patience, creativity, support, and encouragement are some of the strongest traits that come to mind when I think of CFTBL coaches. It’s not all about them and how much they can lift or where they placed in a competition; it’s about teaching proper form and technique, avoiding injury, and offering tips on how to improve or modify a skill. The new coaches I’ve worked with lately seem to be following this pattern nicely. 

If you are looking for a challenge, nice people to work out with, intelligent coaching, support, and lots of variety in your workouts, CFTBL is a great place to be. 

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