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Back_logo_new“Thin Blue Line” has long been a term that signifies the camaraderie of police officers and the color blue has a long tradition in policing as well. “The Thin Blue Line” also represents the line between good and evil, between peace and anarchy and between those who serve justice and those who choose to challenge it.

Also included on our logo on the left hand side is the symbol for “One Ass to Risk”. This signifies that if two or more people bond together to risk their life for a greater cause, for the purpose of the mission they are one. An example would be a SWAT Team entering a building under gunfire to rescue an innocent hostage from a dangerous felon.

Even though there are 8 or 10 SWAT officers entering, in their mind they act as one. They all come out or none come out, one ass to risk.

CrossFit also builds strong bonds between those who train together and CrossFit has long been principle strength and conditioning program for many police, fire and military units. In recent years CrossFit has spread to the rest of society and now everyone from children to grandmothers can be found benefiting from CrossFit training methodologies.

While many of our athletes do come from law enforcement backgrounds we are not a law enforcement only affiliate.

We train men, women and children from all backgrounds and would be honored to train you!

Contact us to learn how to get your training started.

  1. I would like to look into getting started in this type of training.


  2. Hi Mike!

    Please give us a call or send us an email if you are interested in getting started, or just stop in for a free class!

    Thank you!

  3. Very interested in joining crossfit! Wonder I if I could come in on Saturday 8/23 afternoon to join!

    • Hi Linda,
      Please give us a call, or send us an email and we can get you started!
      Looking forward to hearing from you

  4. I would like to take a free class. I need to lose weght and gain strenght and build muscles.

    • Hi Gerry,
      You’ve found the right place. We will send you an email to set up a time for you to come down.

  5. Hi- Just left a vm- would like to try a class out. Please get back to me. Thanks!

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