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September Athlete Couple of the Month – Josh & Liza!

We are thrilled to announce Josh and Liza as our September Athlete Couple of the Month! Simply put, nobody works harder than these two. They bust their butts day in and day out and have made gains that many only dream about. Incredibly coachable, always intense (yes that is Josh we occasionally hear screaming), and a true epitome of what comes to those who workout right and eat right! They are truly a POWER COUPLE! Congrats guys! Here is a little more from Josh and Liza:

What is your biggest CrossFit accomplishment thus far?

Liza: Without a doubt, Strict Pull-ups are my biggest accomplishment – Trusting the programming and the process got me to 7 consecutive strict pull-ups in less than a year! (Thanks Jer)

Josh: I’d have to say going from 3681 in the region at the end of my first open to placing 890 in this year’s open.

What do you do when you’re not at the box? Your profession?

Liza: I work as the DMA for Barnes & Noble CT District. Outside of that, its anything active, playing outside with Axel our Pitpup and spending as much time as I can with family & friends.

Josh: Outside of the box I am a Transportation Engineer for CT DOT. I spend my free time on my motorcycle, working on my house and spending as much time as I can outside and being active.

What makes you come in and train on days you don’t want to?

Liza: There aren’t many days I don’t want to be at the box. There’s no better feeling then giving your 100% effort, fighting through the soreness and seeing it pay off.

Josh: Knowing that working through the exhaustion and soreness is only going to make me a better athlete and help me reach my goals.

Give us one word to describe your experience at CFTBL.

Liza: Family, because family encourages you to give nothing less than your best. They’re the voices pushing you to keep working when you feel like you’ve got nothing left in the tank and they celebrate with you when you’ve done something you never imagined you could do.

Josh: Accomplishment. Reaching goals every day and setting more trusting I will reach them eventually.

BONUS QUESTION FOR OUR COUPLE: What accomplishment are you most proud of one another for achieving with CrossFit?

Liza: I am most proud of Josh for his DUs. Not just because he’s got them but also because he has learned and continues to learn not to get so frustrated when he’s having an off day or not letting them ruin the rest of his training.

Josh: Her Pull-ups and Toes to Bar. I’ve watched her spend many days frustrated and sore from the hard work she put in to get where she is now and she continues to only get better.

Favorite WOD/movement?

Liza: Open WOD 16.5 hand down! (no I’m not psycho) lol
Josh: Clean & Jerks

Least favorite WOD/movement?

Liza: It’s more like least favorite piece of equipment…. The Assult Bike. Grrrrr Josh: Jeremy’s Birthday WOD (took 99 mins to complete)

Favorite meal after a hard WOD?

Liza: Steak & Sweet Potato
Josh: Same!

You are stranded on an island, what one piece of exercise equipment do you have?

Liza: A rower, because by the time I built my boat to get myself off that island, I’ll be a lean mean rowing machine!
Josh: Loaded Barbell. Hopefully I’ll be able to clean & jerk the entire thing by the time Liza finishes building the boat lol


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  1. Josh and Liza,
    Your energy and encouragement is infectious! Your strength is inspiring! I can’t think of two people more deserving of athlete couple of the month😙

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