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June Athlete of the Month – BreAnna Nygren!

Kicking off our summer Athlete of the Month series is BreAnna Nygren! Bre is one of our long time members who is the definition of dedication in every sense of the word. Since joining CFTBL, Bre has pushed herself outside of her comfort zone and showed us that anything is possible with determination, drive, and heart. Bre is a true role model and someone to look up to at the box. Her sense of community is second to none and shows so much support to her fellow athletes every step of the way.  Bre is also an active duty Air Force recruiter who continues to serve her Country. Congratulations Bre, your hard work has paid off! Here is a little more from our Athlete of the Month:

What is your biggest CrossFit accomplishment thus far? – Kipping pull ups! I could never do pull ups even as a little kid. Now being able to do them in WODs and MURPH, I still can’t believe it!  Now working on strict pull ups.

What do you do when you are not at the box? When I am not at the box I love to be active, running, cycling class, hiking and snowboarding. I also enjoy representing the box in community CrossFit competitions.  I enjoy hanging out with friends and volunteering.

Your Profession?
I am a Line Officer Accessions Recruiter for the USAF,
basically I recruit pilots (future goose and maverick).

On word to describe your experience at CFTBL? Community

Favorite WOD/ movement? CINDY/ Squat cleans

Least favorite WOD/ movement? ANNIE/ Double unders

Favorite meal after a hard WOD? An Omelet from Cosmic Omelet

You are stranded on an island, what one piece of equipment do you have?
I would take a set of rings, because by the time someone finds me, I’ll have muscle ups!

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